Top 3 prestigious soccer tournaments in the world

The world of soccer is a glittery world. There are big prizes and worldwide fame. Many cup competitions are held every year which draws soccer fans from all around the world. If you are a soccer fan then you should have your eye on the following most prestigious international soccer tournaments.

FIFA World Cup

This is the biggest competition of soccer. It is held every four years and the tournament is watched by millions of viewers across the globe. There is nothing more prestigious than holding the FIFA World Cup. It is the ultimate reward of soccer. A record number of viewers watches this breathtaking competition. In this competition 32 countries fight for the title. It is the most watched competition in the world and it unites people from all the continents.

UEFA Champions League

This is also a very prestigious soccer competition. The best soccer teams in the world participate in this tournament. It is the best club competition to watch. This competition started in 1992 and is the most prestigious club competition now. It is a very profitable soccer tournament as well as it makes lots of money from commercials, merchandises, etc.

Copa America

It is one of the oldest soccer competitions, held first in Argentina in 1916. It is played between the CONMEBOL countries; however, teams from other continents are invited to play as well. The participation of other nations has made the game even more popular. Last year’s tournament was watched by billions of people over 160 countries.

These soccer tournaments have made soccer more exciting and fans wait for these competitions every year. Winning these tournaments is very prestigious and soccer teams from all over the world practice heard of getting their hands at these trophies.